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17. Juli 2011: Red Bull X-Alps

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von cheeseman
Red Bull X-Alps

July 17th, 2011

Athletes race non-stop through the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, with just a paraglider and a pair of hiking boots to help them, their every move tracked by advanced technology and broadcasted to an audience of millions.

The 2011 race begins in Salzburg, Austria and finishes in Monaco. In between are eight turnpoints in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France that force the participants through 864km of treacherous mountain terrain.

Thirty of the world’s best endurance athletes and paragliding pilots, specially selected for their skills, stamina and guts.

Fly. Hike. Conquer. The athletes can either fly with their paraglider or hike, carrying their equipment with them. The race goes on day and night, sun or snow, until the first pilot reaches goal. Motorised transport but can select a supporter to help supply food, equipment and information.

Because winning the Red Bull X-Alps is the ultimate prize in adventure racing.

* Athletes travel only by flying with their paragliders or by foot.
* A paraglider, harness, rescue parachute, helmet, emergency signal rocket, reflector belt and tracking device must be carried at all times.
* Athletes may chose any route they like, but must pass all turnpoints.
* Each athlete has only one supporter to look after them.
* Travel through tunnels that connect valleys are prohibited.
* International Visual Flight Rules (VFR) air regulations must be obeyed.
* The race stops 48 hours after the winner arrives in goal.